Two days ago, I’ve supprised with my sister. Because, suddenly, she was crying when she was arrived at home from istigozah at her school. She was cry louder because she heard [gossip] that at her school have some students who not graduated from UNAS, and in her class have 4 students didn’t graduate. She was so scary if she can’t pass UNAS very well and be the one of student who didn’t graduate. My family and I just can say “relax…the final announcement is not coming. The announcement is next Monday, don’t be afraid too much. All of us fell confident that you will be pass your UNAS very well”. But my sister only do cry,cry, and cry. When I see her crying, I’m so felt sorry for her. My brother do the same thing like me. We just seeing each other, and didn’t know what must we do. Finally my daddy came to her and say, “why you must be afraid? You’ve prepared your UNAS very well. If you’re no graduated, don’t be sad. Because you have studied very well for UNAS. You just can feel sad if you’re not graduated and you’re not prepared your UNAS very well.” And my mom said “we are not be angry if you’re not graduated. Relax… everything will be OK!”

Hm…yesterday my sister get some messages from her friends and said that all of student at her school are graduated 100 %. I hope this gossip is true and we can see a smile from my sister..

Tomorrow is the final announcement…


please tell me if you found a wrong sentence