Let me introduce my self..

My name is Ratih Rachma Islami

Will be the one of fresh graduate from Brawijaya University, Majoring in Accounting, Economic Faculty ^^

I was the first child of four children. my brothers and sisters of the most stubborn, much embarrassed, but really great with their unique characteristics of each will be a spirit to go ahead and help them become high minded human being, a high social responsibility, and success in the future

 My Brother and Sisters

With my quotes, be a leader not a follower I kept trying to get better with some future goal is encouraged, wedding souvenir business, food products, investors, and be a wife plus plus *read: sholehah housewives*. But no doubt I also want to become workers in private companies (like to feel so subordinate, work teams, Environment working hard, working under pressure, hahaha * weird huh?)  and wanted to become a lecturer…*amiiin*